Can I Cover The Vents On My Fireplace

Can I Cover The Vents On My Fireplace. I also have a fireplace with the four vents and everything i read says not to cover them. There are time limits on how long vent free products should be used.

Cleverly Solved How do I cover my fireplace glass door from

Once you’ve exposed the raw masonry, mix up a batch of thinset concrete and spread it over the surface of the brick using a broad, flat hand trowel. It is my understanding that a listed fireplace insert, such as a gas insert with an approved venting system, sized properly for the appliance and placed into an unlined flue is acceptable. It works great, and is very simple to remove before starting a fire.

Since Heat Rises, The Openings On The Bottom Will Draw In Cool Air And As It Warms Up, It Will Come Out The Top Vents Into The Room.

Hi.don't cover the vents with stone.not on the metal firebox. If you have screen doors or an insert built into your fireplace, the vents along the top and/or bottom of the frame are known to leak up a storm. You can see that once the sides were done, we added a 2 x 4 in the center of the stone.

Can I Cover The Louvers On My Fireplace Or Insert Face?

I've searched the forums and read the ones discussing air vents/bricks, and also looked in the projects page to understand the 'lie of the land' before posting. Once we added the two 2 x 4’s on either side, we added the long 2 x 10 piece across the top to cover the vent and the three 2 x 10’s across the middle. They are not air for the fire, it is a passive gravity flow heating system from heatilator fireplaces.

Our Vent Covers Are A Magnetic Vinyl Material.

Similar to @bmitch's answer, i used a magnetic cover to cover the vent below my fireplace. I've covered the vents before when they were in the masonry part of the problem. My husband thinks he can remove the vent covers and put a plate in the duct work to block off the vent and put some insulation in there and then we can cover it with the mantel.

You Will Not Feel Air Being Blown Out Of These Vents, As They Are Used To Force Out The Cool Air In The Room To Be Reheated By The Furnace.

Return vents are usually larger than heat registers and can generally be found close to the ground or in the floor in older homes or on a wall close to a ceiling in newer homes. There are time limits on how long vent free products should be used. My fireplace is cold and drafty making for a cold house.

It Works Great, And Is Very Simple To Remove Before Starting A Fire.

When you have a fire, the whole brick surround heats up and acts like a heatsink. A closed vent can cause smoke to billow into the room, but using the fireplace vents properly ensures enough air feeds the fire and the smoke escapes up the chimney. Blocking this air flow can cause fires and will void your manufacturer's warranty and possibly your homeowner's warranty.

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