How To Install Furnace Filter Correctly

How To Install Furnace Filter Correctly. Changing or installing a furnace filter is an easy task if you follow the instructions properly. The easiest way in determining which way the furnace filter direction is to refer to the old filter before removing it and installing the new one in the same way.

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Find the area on your furnace that contains the filter. There are other sizes, though, so don’t just assume you know which one you need. How can you ensure your filter faces the right way?

The First Step In Air Quality, Efficiency And Proper Furnace Operation Is The Correct Installation Of The Furnace Air Filter.

Replacing your furnace or ac air filter is actually pretty simple to do. Once you’ve properly installed your filter, you can close the metal. The arrows should always point away from the supply air and toward the blower.

Why It's Important To Install A New Air Filter Correctly Near The Coachella Valley.

Make our way to the unit. The filter slot on your furnace and the filter will both have arrows indicating the airflow direction. Ensure that the box is the right size for the filter to be installed.

If You Inspect Your New Air Filter, You May See An Arrow That Says, “Air Flow”.

You can see right here is the furnace indoor cooling coil. Air filters have arrows printed on them that indicate which direction they should be installed. Replacing your air filter is not difficult as long as you understand that air flows from your ducts, through the filter, and into the furnace.

Remove Grille On Your Return Or Open The Panel Of Your Furnace.

If you have 10 minutes to spare, you can complete this routine task without even changing into work clothes. Three standard furnace filter sizes are 16″ x 20″, 20″ x 25″, and 16″ x 25″ (40.64 x 50.8 cm, 50.8 cm x 63.5 cm, 40.64 x 63.5 cm). Learning to install a furnace air filter correctly is easier than you might think.

The Easiest Way In Determining Which Way The Furnace Filter Direction Is To Refer To The Old Filter Before Removing It And Installing The New One In The Same Way.

Where this is not applicable, ensure that the denser side faces the furnace. Slide the new filter in so that the arrow is facing the furnace’s blower motor. Insert the new filter in the filter air box, with the arrow pointing towards the furnace.

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